How to make an effective learning offer

As an educator, you are used to meeting course participants or learners with a varied level of knowledge and adapting your training to the needs of the target group. Taking the step to digitize your learning offer is not about replacing the valuable work you already do, but to enable digital complements that make your everyday work more efficient.

Sparkfore is a software for producing and distributing digital learning. The software is based on the world’s most used learning platform, Moodle, but is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized organizations. Here are three steps that will help you as an educator to make your learning offer more effective.

Add your courses to a learning platform

With Sparkfore, you can offer trainings in a flexible and modern way online. Your courses can consist of teacher-led trainings, and / or online trainings for self-study. A wide and varied offer gives an attractive impression to your customers.

The benefits of a digital learning offer are many. For the learners, it is mainly about the flexibility of being able to choose when and where you engage in the training, but also the opportunity to adapt the training to your level of knowledge and to be able to repeat or access information when you need it. For you as an educator, it is, for example, about being able to reuse materials and ensure uniformity, i.e. providing the same message to all students.

Give learners access

Sparkfore gives you the opportunity to train an unlimited number of people, while you can be sure that only those you have added will have access to the material. Each learner gets their own user profile that can access one or more courses based on their need.

Follow up on results

Sparkfore registers the learner’s progression and keeps track of which persons have access to which courses. The learning platform has automatic functions such as welcome messages to those who have been added to a course, reminders to those who have not completed a course and issues certificates when the course is approved in order for you to save time on administrative elements.

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