Great opportunities with online learning

Online learning is exciting, but if you are still questioning the benefits - or if you have someone close to you you want to convince - here you will find five points about why you should also jump on the bandwagon.

When online learning has teacher-led elements, it is called hybrid education, i.e. there are both synchronous and asynchronous parts. This article focuses on what we call web-based training, e-learning or online training, that is, training or sections that are primarily designed to be self-paced and that are available completely independent of time and place.


Online training is independent of time and space, which makes it very flexible for those taking the course. In a company, it can be employees who are given the opportunity to catch up after an absence, or offer introductions to newly hired people at irregular intervals.


With a learning management system and associated web-based training that is available around the clock, you have a knowledge bank that offers knowledge when someone needs it and which also provides opportunities for repetition.


In online training, the course participants can control the pace themselves and adapt it to their level of knowledge. Those who do a training for the first time may need more time to absorb the content than those who already have prior knowledge and in both cases this level adjustment is a great advantage.


In many training contexts, it is a great advantage to be able to give the same message to everyone. An employee who starts six months after the last employee should receive the same introduction as his or her predecessors, regardless of what resources are available at the time. Through online training, you can make it consistent for all course participants.

Quality assured

An online training can be reviewed by different people during production, which gives the advantage that the quality is assured before the course participants sees the material. Another important aspect of the quality assurance is the ability to adapt accessibility and make it possible for course participants with different needs to absorb the content.

Yes, there you have it! The next time someone asks or wants to talk about the benefits of digital learning, you know that when online training is at its best, it is flexible, available, level-adjusted, consistent and quality assured.

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