The key to effective learning for professionals

What is Sparkfore?

Learning is the spark of curiosity that drives people forward. Learning provides an endless possibility to grow and to ensure outcomes that exceed all expectations.

Sparkfore is a learning platform, built on a combination of the world's most used Learning Management System, Moodle, and strategic services connected to learning. As a Certified Moodle Partner, we provide high-quality service with close collaboration with the Moodle organization.

Use Sparkfore to make digital learning happen in your organisation. Interested? Let us get in touch.


Start small and scale up. The simplicity of Sparkfore will provide the flexibility that meets your needs.


Build a learning culture. Sparkfore allows for easy access to the learning that will help you grow.


Get started fast. Sign up, add content and users. The best learning occasions are the ones that actually happen.

A reliable partner

Sparkfore is used for digital learning by global organizations and small businesses.

We are proud of our customers and the work they do in training and developing people.

Unleash the potential of learning with Sparkfore. Contact us to learn more.

Key features

Unleash the potential with Sparkfore, a learning platform built on Moodle, the world's most popular learning management system. The platform is scalable, customizable and pre-loaded with powerful functionality.

Our learning platform is designed to host courses, manage users, and track their results. But the platform itself is only a channel, to be complemented by strategic work addressing the needs and goals of the organization to create engagement and lasting change.

For those reasons we also empower your organization by:

  • Helping you create a learning strategy
  • Mapping target groups and competence areas in relation to business goals
  • Organizing manager success workshops
  • Tailoring a competence development approach
  • Providing quarterly business evaluations
  • Performing content review and quality assurance

About us

In January 2021, Autotech Teknikinformation AB formed a new subsidiary company called Autotech Development Sweden AB, to develop and improve the services provided concerning learning strategies and learning platforms.

Autotech Development Sweden AB
Servicegatan 1
931 76 SkellefteƄ

The company is led by Anders Stenmark and Anna Elvnejd, who have been learning consultants for more than ten years. Anders and Anna analyze and propose solutions for learning initiatives at all levels of abstraction (e.g. strategy, production, technology).

Our mission is to address all the hassle we and our clients have stumbled upon. Sparkfore is all our experience built in to one, to create and support learning organisations.


Anders' competence in digital learning comes through the unusual combination of having experience both as a system developer and teacher. He follows developments in technology and learning for digital communication and finds solutions for how new features can be implemented and best used.


Through her background as a teacher, Anna uses her knowledge in pedagogy to create value for organizations. With curiosity and accuracy, she works methodically to support our customers in their strategic work around digital learning.